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 ‘The establishment of presence’

by Andrew Harry, 2010

Polarity Therapy is a truly holistic therapy and from my perspective, as a Polarity Practitioner, it is has been a sleeping giant as a holistic science and has not been well known because it has been difficult to define succinctly.   

Polarity Therapy has existed for many years in the UK and it now has a single discernable identity.   The UK Polarity Therapy Association (UKPTA) is the sole body that represents Polarity Practitioners in the UK and it exists to support its members by providing a framework to assist the development of Polarity Students and in providing a base for  fully qualified and registered Polarity Practitioners to be more accessible to the general public, their skills known and trusted more widely.   

The foundations needed to support Polarity therapy and to raise awareness of it are now in place in this country and in many ways it have now grounded.   Its gestation is complete and its scope defined and it is ready to establish a real presence in the modern world.   

On first sight Polarity therapy seems to be the "elephant in the room", as a truly holistic system its scope is huge and difficult to capture succinctly.   But with a single organisation having the responsibility in presenting this identity there is now a real sense that Polarity has arrived.

In this poem I hope to have captured this sense, this feeling, that Polarity has arrived on the scene.   

The establishment of presence

Along the road to becoming whole
lies the building of the diamond soul.   
Mists hanging thick and cool, 
sun’s rays start to warm the cold, clear, still night.   
Preparations at their zenith for the new dawn.   

Rivulets of myth and bliss flow along the growing edge of the new day.   
Rose and lily on window ledge, 
rich scent hangs in the air.   
Light streams on dreams and industry, 
wafting about. 
A knowing smile breaks out 
on all who enter the establishment of presence.   

The establishment of presence is a place to ground and truly connect 
to this hectic world of black and white 
and the illusion of wrong and right.   
To fuse with love another way 
and balance impulse gone astray, 
with its other side whatever it might be.   
To clear the path to harmony.   

What I need is what I feel, 
is what I want and have. 
I am, the link to parity and the simple law of love.   

Now is the time to be myself 
and to move with clarity.   
To build upon the foundations tested 
through gracious hearts and loving hands 
I have rested.   
No longer whether, 
but now when, 
without as within, 
the time is nigh.   
My feet in the earth and head in the sky, 
I am in my element. 

A home at last 
now I am able, 
to express and to involve, 
to bustle and hustle and take my place 
to nourish from my table.   

Without compromise or dilution,
  I will act on my own terms.   
I’ll take no truck and pass no buck 
for there is work to do.   

Until subject and object are one, 
when the race will have been run 
up the mountain of the moon, 
on our journey to the sun.   

My place can be found in the building of the diamond soul, 
along the road to becoming whole.   

The next step?’s your choice..


by Andrew Harry, © 7/7/2010

‘… a truly holistic system its scope is huge and difficult to capture succinctly.’

‘Now is the time to be myself 
and to move with clarity.’

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